Jesús Sandoval - Owner


does all the online music distribution.


Emma's House Records is an Indiepop record label based in México, we started our labors in a thursday, January 7th 2016 with two releases: Pure Morning's The Broadcasting Department Of Philadelphia & Coco's Divisones del Sol.

We were/are very inspired by the late 80's music and aestethics of the record labels of that time.


Emma's began with the need to spread Pure Morning's music everywhere. At the beginning we never thought of getting to edit huge bands from Spain, Argentina, Chile, United States, Dominican Republic and especially Mexico; our goal has always been to reach the farthest ears in the world. We think we're spreading the indie and diy philosophy to the world; everything has been possible with the help of our followers who never stop supporting us. Thank you guys.

Indiepop to the tops.