Últim Cavall

Últim Cavall

ÚLTIM CAVALL are Rafa Monzó (leading vocals, electric guitar and synthesizer) and Francesc Pascual (drums and lyrics). Formed in 2015 as a duet, along with the continuous involvement of the sound engineer Jordi Moncho as a coproducer, with whom recorded the first self-released EP, just as the album to be presented this year.

This first homonymous EP and ‘Records de Kyoto’ LP received positive reviews in Spain and several countries (Great Britain, USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand and more). It also made them win Altaveu 2016 Award for the best lyrics in Altaveu Festival in Sant Boi (Barcelona).

Rafa Monzó - Guitar, Vox & Synth
Francesc Pascual - Drums & Lyrics

Contact info:
Direct contact to press and Booking: ultimcavall@gmail.com
Official page: https://www.facebook.com/ultimcavall/



Records de Kyoto EMMA-015